Innovation & Reliability

CMC is continuously improving the process, equipment, and business of container End-Lining.

As the world’s foremost supplier of End-Lining equipment, we bring to bear years of industry experience, design expertise, and manufacturing technology which results in world-class performance and reliability.

The Magnetic Rotary End Liner (M.R.E.L.) is the CMC patented End Liner for Caps and Steel Ends. The efficient design decreases end-size change-over-time and eliminates traditionally used high-wear parts.


  • Up to 10 lining stations
  • Easy size change-overs
  • End sizes 113-603 (35-152mm)
  • Heated upper turret enclosure

Rotary end liner

We can supply you with new high speed and variable speed End Liners to fit your needs. Liners can be outfitted with 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 stations depending on your production requirements.

Our liners can accommodate aluminum or steel ends in sizes ranging from 113 to 603, and a wide range of cap sizes. 





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Compound Systems

We offer dual style conditioning system for solvent base compounds.


  • 30 to 1000 Gallon Bulk System
  • All water-based systems are stainless steel
  • Solvent Base Conditioning systems are available in single style or dual style
  • Compound Conditioning systems are available for solvent base and plastisol



CMC can supply new high speed variable speed end liners to fit all your needs.

Liners can be outfitted with 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 stations depending on your production.

Again, our liners can accommodate ALUMINUM or STEEL ends in sizes ranging from 113–603, as well as a range of sizes of caps.

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