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80% of our spare parts are in stock and can ship anywhere in the world at any time.

  • Custom Machining carries a complete selection of spare parts for your End Liners.
  • Our materials and processes ensure improved part longevity and reliability, thus providing a better value.

Keep your equipment running at its best

Our proprietary innovations will keep your liners running efficiently and reliably.

mechanical-adjust gun

  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to set needle lift adjustment
  • Superior weight control
  • Available for Water Base or Solvent Base applications
  • .0005″ or .001″ increments for needle adjustment.
  • Lower Gun assembly parts are interchangeable with existing guns.

improved lower chuck shaft

  • Simplified design utilizing new Smack-Off Nut resulting in lower cost.

improved direct-drive package for HSL liners

  • Features a new braking system and a reduced-horsepower motor.
  • Results in lower energy costs.

air-driven oil pump

  • Mounted on outside of liner instead of underneath for ease of access.

one piece smack-off nut

  • Eliminates several high-wear items

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We recommend an 18 month service program that includes rebuilds. Most machines come with a 1 year warranty.

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